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The Art of dressing like a Gentleman: 26 detailed charts every man needs to see – fabric patterns (part 3 of 4)

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The art of dressing like a real gentleman isn’t as hard as you think – and it’s definitely rewarding! Below you will see some charts – how to choose the right color combinations and fabric patterns. That will help you step your game up and feel like a real gentleman!

13.Firstly, you should know the basic suit styles and fabric patterns.

different kind of suits

There are different suits for different folks. A tailor-fit suit makes any man effortlessly stylish.

14.Stylish Short Patterns.

Stylish shorts fabric patterns

15.Get to know the different plaid patterns.

different plaid fabric patterns

Many variations of the major patterns exist as designers are constantly trying to come up with new and different styles. Shirt patterns are often enhanced or can be a combination of different patterns.

16.Discover the different types of shirt collars.

Different types of shirt collars

A real gentleman should be able to distinguish the different shirt collars. Have at least 2-3 collar style in your closet.

17.Learn how to combine tricky patterns together.

combine tricky fabric patterns

A dashing gentleman knows that to dress good means to find the perfect match. Combining different patterns is essential!

18.And the most important! – how to choose the right color combinations.

clothes color combinations

Color combinations are probably the most important part for dressing like a real gentleman. And it’s not that hard when you know about that chart.

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