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Good manners for Gentleman

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Good manners for Gentleman

A real gentleman has innate characteristics and peculiarities, he knows the difference between arrogance and security, boasts a refined aesthetic taste and use good manners in every context.

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Takes inspiration from the great style icons of past and present it’s important to strengthen the Gentleman’s character and experiment with new ideas. Whether the Gentleman works in fashion, literature, industry, politics or publishing, they all have in common class and elegance. No matter what he wears, the Gentleman is confident enough to wear a tailored suit, like a pair of jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, with the exact the same charm. The man should always keep in mind that fashion trends change from season to season, but personality, style and good taste are innate and must remain a constant. The Gentleman should create with intelligence and wisdom, new trends, rather than follow them.

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Another important aspect is the care of the self, the Gentleman never has an excessively long beard or left his hair to grow in a disorderly manner. A well-groomed appearance is a great business card and the man shouldn’t underestimate it.


The most important values for a Gentleman are reputation, firmness, fairness, good manners and tolerance. Is someone who likes to seek the meaning of life, rather than being influenced by superfluous. At ease in the company of every kind of person, he doesn’t care how big his or them houses or cars are.

The conversation of a Gentleman is polite and avoid to focus attention upon himself, asks questions and makes statements of courtesy. The tone is calm and confident, speak slowly and take time to know people. Being able to make conversation is a sign of class and maturity, two key aspects of being a Gentleman.Good manners and values

Good manners

Manners of today are different from those of the past, we live in an age where everything runs fast and people expect the fast response to every request. The Gentleman using the phone for business calls and instant messaging pays attention to respecting who has around him, moderating the tone of voice and the time spent on the phone.

When he knows a new person, the true Gentleman knows how to give a firm handshake, independently if he’s his future boss, his sister’s boyfriend or a stranger, he knows the importance of looking the other person in the eye and firmly take the hand. Give a safe handshake shows that he cares to make a good impression.

Good manners in social situation

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