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How to Be a Good Person?

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Identify what being a good person means to you personally.

Some people think that being a good person is as simple as not doing harm to another. But it is not always about what you don’t do, but what you do for others. Being a good person also includes helping yourself as much as others. You have to decide what you believe being a good person entails.

  • What is your ideal person? Make a list of traits that you believe make up a good, ideal person. Start living your life by these traits.
  • Are you expecting something in return? Are you doing things because it will help you look good? Or are you doing things because you truly want to give and help? Stop putting up a front and adopt the attitude of giving without cause of receiving anything in return.good-person-reaching-out-helping-others-good-person

 Choose a role model.

Having a role model gives you someone to look up to. This person should have traits you want to aspire to. Think of ways that you can better embody these qualities you admire. Think of how to apply those qualities in your work, creative pursuits, personal relationships, diet, and lifestyle.
  • Who do you look up to and why? How are they making the world a better place to live in, and how can you do the same?
  • What qualities do you admire in them, and how can you develop the same ones?
  • Keep your role model close to you, like a friendly spirit that is always at your side. Think how they would respond to a question or circumstance, and how they would respond in the same manner.

Stop comparing yourself with others.

Try to understand that some have it better than you, but many have it much worse. When we make ourselves miserable by comparing ourselves with others, we are wasting time and energy that we could use in building our own inner resources. Compliment yourself every morning. Being happy makes you a more positive person, which helps you put those positive vibes out into the world.

  • You have your own unique gifts and talents. Focus on sharing them with the world instead of focusing on the gifts of another.

Love yourself.

Learn to love yourself in every way. Practice unconditional self-acceptance. The only way you can truly love others is to first have confidence and love yourself. What you do and what you believe must make you feel good as well as others. If you try to do things for others without taking care of yourself, you can end up resentful, angry, and negative. If you love yourself, then you will make a positive impact when you help others.

  • Are you superficially acting like a good person? If you are self-loathing and angry on the inside, you may not be a good person despite all your outward actions.

Be yourself.

Remember to always be yourself and never who you’re not. Don’t try to be like somebody else; just be yourself and do good things as simply as you can manage to do. Being yourself helps you be a genuine person who can reflect positivity into the world. Staying true to yourself helps you find focus and understand your core values and what you find important.

Make small changes.

No one can change overnight. But even small changes can make an enormous and positive difference. Set small goals every month or two and focus on one or two key habits which you want to change.

  • An example for Goal 1: I will listen to others without interrupting at all either verbally or non-verbally. Think of how frustrating it can be for you when the other person begins to move their mouth as if they are about to interject.
  • Goal 2: I will do my best to think of what would make another person happy. This could be sharing your food or drink with others when they are hungry or thirsty, letting someone else sit where you want to sit, or something else.good person makes his son happy

Review your goals every day.

To start your mission to become a good person, read this list and your ideals every day. Make it a part of you. Follow the guidelines and add some of your own steps as well.

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